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Carolyn Jansons Introduces Larry Lobb as KCBA President


We were very touched by the genuine, heartfelt introduction of Larry Lobb as the Kane County Bar Association President by Carolyn Jansons at the KCBA Annual Dinner on June 9, 2016. We felt it was so special, that we would like to share it. Here is Carolyn’s introduction of Larry:

I first met Larry in June 2006 when the KCBA sponsored a trip to Washington D.C., where those of us who attended, were sworn in in front of the US Supreme Court.  It is almost unfathomable to me that that was 10 years ago this week.  The friendship between myself, my husband Pete, Larry and his wife, Ann, was immediate during the trip.  Ann and I bonded over our desires to start a family, and Larry and Pete bonded over what we called tall man problems, including being unable to sit across from each other at dinner due to their knees.

In getting to know Larry, I learned that he was licensed in Michigan and employed by General Motors in their legal department doing commercial real estate acquisitions for their dealerships.  Unfortunately, this was shortly before the wheels came off the automotive industry.  Seeing the writing on the wall, and being concerned for his future employment, Larry took the Illinois Bar Exam and passed.  Larry’s concern about his employment situation with GM was well placed, and the entire legal department was cut or forced to move back to Detroit.  Larry bravely stayed here and opened his own law practice. For years prior to opening his own practice he had been doing commercial real estate.  However, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010… were not good years for commercial real estate.  As a matter of fact, I am not sure that we have had any good years for commercial real estate since that time.

Larry forged an entirely new path of his own, doing foreclosure and bankruptcy, where he saw a need that he could fill.  Larry has a better understanding than many of us in this room as to the type of benefits the KCBA can offer its members.  He networked with the members, got involved in the committees, forged referral relationships and built a successful practice from the ground up.  Larry is uniquely qualified to be President of the KCBA based on his in-depth understanding of the benefits the Bar Association currently offers and can offer to its members.  Larry served as chair of the Public Relations Committee, served on various other committees and immersed himself in all that the Bar Association has to offer.  Having gathered valuable resources, forged friendships and built his professional reputation, Larry then ran for and was elected to the Board of Managers in 2012.  After serving on the Board, he ran for and was elected as the Secretary/Treasurer and has moved through the officer ranks to be sworn in tonight as the President. In my opinion, Larry embodies the very essence of what the Bar Association can do for a lawyer and, in turn,  what a lawyer can do for his or her Bar Association.

Larry is often noticeable for his tall stature.  However, his is also grand in compassion and kindness, large in knowledge, vast in his wisdom, enormous in loyalty and a giant among friends.  I am proud to have been asked to introduce Larry this evening as he is sworn in as the President of this great Bar Association.  I am even more proud to call him my colleague, my co-worker and my friend.  Ladies and gentleman, Lawrence W. Lobb, the 2016-2017 President of the Kane County Bar Association.

Indeed, congratulations to Larry. He is one of the hardest-working, most genuine attorneys we know who carries himself with integrity and compassion and consummate professionalism. We think the Bar Association is in very good hands, even as we wonder how Larry can possibly keep up with his ever increasing practice and steer the ever expanding bulwark of the KCBA ship for the year. But, we are confident he can, and he will, as he has tackled everything else in his life. Consistent hard work and dedication are no strangers to Larry.