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Larry Lobb Receives Pro Bono Award

We couldn’t be more proud or happy with the way our attorneys have embraced the professional ethic of giving back with their legal knowledge and skills. Lawrence (Larry) Lobb has become the latest in our office to be recognized for giving back to the community by representing people pro bono (for free) who can’t afford the legal services they need. Larry received the Kane County Bar Foundation Pro Bono Award for 2018. Mark Brent in our office received the same award in 2015.

The award was announced and presented to Larry at the annual KCBF Gala fundraiser in March. (Thus, the unusually flamboyant attire and and setting in the photo above!) The KCBF is the tax exempt, charitable arm of the Kane County Bar Association. It raises funds every year to provide legal representatives to at risk children who are caught up in the legal system, to provide scholarships and take on other charitable endeavors to improve the delivery of legal services to people who need them.

Larry regularly takes on cases from Prairie State Legal Services, Administer Justice and other organizations who vet people in need of legal services based on their income and resources (or lack thereof). In June of 2016, the Firm received the statewide ISBA John C. McAndrews Pro Bono Service Award in the small firm category. Mark D. Brent was the recipient of the KCBF  Pro Bono Attorney of the year award for 2015. Roman Seckel was Roman J. Seckel was named the statewide Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month for his work with Administer Justice in June of 2010. Gilbert Drendel was awarded the Community Service Award by the Kane County Bar Association in 1995 and the statewide Community Service Award by the Illinois State Bar Association in 1996.

The tradition that was established many years ago of being leaders in the local and state bar associations in providing pro bono services, finding ways to improve the delivery of legal services to people who need it and generally improving the legal system goes way back and continues on today and is a tradition of which we are proud.