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Recognition of Mark Brent for His Dedicated Service

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We are more than pleased to announce that Mark Brent has been chosen for membership in the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. The recognition of Mark Brent for his dedicated service is an honor of the highest magnitude and follows from a professional life devoted to the advocacy of people often at the most vulnerable positions in their lives.

According to The National Association of Distinguished Counsel, the NADC is an “organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of legal excellence,” and the process of choosing attorneys for membership is a rigorous one.

The NADC describes its mission as an attempt to recognize the attorneys “who elevate the standards of the Bar and provide a benchmark for other lawyers to emulate” by an objective standard. the NADC states: “By virtue of the incredible selectivity of our research process, only the elite few are invited to join the ranks of the NADC. Specifically, less than 1% of practicing attorneys in the United States are afforded the opportunity to be named “Nation’s Top Attorneys”. The recipients of this prestigious award have demonstrated the highest ideals of the legal profession.”

The NADC identifies itself as an organization that “employs an objective, rigorous, multi-stage selection process. The result is the identification of the finest lawyers in the country, named “Nation’s Top Attorneys.’” The first stage of the process involves nomination by members of NADC, fellow attorneys, and current or former clients. Once prospective candidates are identified, the vetting process begins. Review includes publicly available information from attorneys’ websites, public profiles, client reviews, and court records. The factors considered during the evaluation include, but are not limited to the following: firm profile and reputation, years of practice, education, training, trial experience, case outcomes, peer endorsements, client reviews, professional awards, professional memberships, leadership in legal organizations, community involvement, disciplinary status, and other noteworthy achievements.

According to the NADC, a “blue ribbon panel of attorneys” studies the results. “These attorneys, having achieved podium status in their own right by multiple independent organizations, separate and apart from the NADC, are specially positioned with the perspective and knowledge in selecting “Nation’s Top Attorneys.” While considering the information presented to them, they make careful determinations as to who among their peers possesses the background, accomplishments, and prowess to serve as an example to other attorneys. The result is a list of attorneys who are considered truly elite.”

The process does not end there, however. The NADC convenes a judicial review board, led by a group of former judges, for the final review. “The purpose of this phase is to ensure that those who are named “Nation’s Top Attorneys” have epitomized the ideals of the legal profession.” The judicial review board is the final step in the process charged with the task of selecting the attorneys “whose stellar reputation and exceptional performance exemplify only the highest standards”. In the end, the attorneys chosen to be members have “the qualities becoming of an Officer of the Court, and have also demonstrated admirable character and virtue in the course of their practice of law.”

We are incredibly proud to announce that Mark Brent has been recognized for the fine, professional work he has done. Practicing law is not easy, and the services attorneys provide is often misunderstood and under appreciated in our society. An attorney who practices in the field of litigation is almost always disliked by the opposing party. Our own clients often do not understand the law or the process of the law and, as a result, sometimes do not understand or appreciate the advocacy provided for them. The law practice is often a thankless job, which makes the recognition of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel not only a tremendous honor, but a significantly meaningful acknowledgement of a Mark’s lifelong, professional dedication. We could not be more pleased with the recognition of Mark’s exemplary practice as a member of our Firm.

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