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Asset Sale And Purchase Transactions

When buying or selling a business, the transaction needs to be framed by an agreement that sets out the details of the transaction for both parties. Few people buy a house without a detailed contract. No one should buy or sell a business without a detailed contract. No one should buy a business or expect to sell a business without thorough due diligence. The issues are many and complex. There are traps for the unwary buyer and seller. A good agreement and tax advice are critical components for a smooth transaction that meets your expectations. In the asset or stock sale or purchase transaction, we provide:

  • Liability Protection for the Buyer
  • Payment Protection for the Seller
  • Negotiation of Terms
  • Drafting of Agreement
  • Drafting of Transfer Documents
  • UCC Lien & Judgment Searches
  • Non-Compete & Confidentiality Provisions

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