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Local Government Representation

Gilbert X. Drendel, Jr., began representing the Village of North Aurora in 1967. He continued to represent North Aurora until his retirement from the practice of law. Kevin Drendel came alongside in 1991 and learned from his example. Gilbert (Gib) took pride in his service to the community, not just the work he performed as part of his practice, but in every way. He was an active participant in the community and considered it an honor to serve the community in representing the local governmental body.

Gib Drendel and Rich Horwitz were in on ground the floor in getting the legislation passed that established the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and represented IMSA for years. Over the years, the Drendel & Jansons Law Group has represented many governmental bodies as general council and on an ad hoc basis, including the continuous representation of the Village of North Aurora from 1967 to the present day. Most recently, the firm has been retained by the City of Batavia.


In addition to representing municipalities, school districts, fire protection districts and other local governmental bodies over the years, Kevin G. Drendel has gotten involved in telecommunications and cable issues. He has negotiated cable franchise agreements for a number of communities, has negotiated many water tower and other leases for governmental bodies leasing to telecommunications providers, has drafted zoning provisions to deal with the unique issues triggered by the proliferation of telecommunication towers and facilities, has represented communities setting up local cable access television stations, has represented local cable access entities and has been involved in other ways telecommunications and cable issues as they dovetail with local governmental bodies.

“I’ve known Kevin for 15 years and have worked with him on numerous telecommunications projects. In my role as a telecommunications consultant, I have sat on a number of municipal teams where Kevin has been legal counsel. Kevin is a skilled negotiator and has been very successful in using a methodical and reasoned approach in negotiating agreements having a complex subject matter.

Over the years, Kevin’s expanding knowledge and experience in blending municipal and telecommunications law has made him one of a handful of experts in the metropolitan Chicago area that have demonstrated the legal and technical ability to help municipalities, community colleges, school districts, and other public bodies develop working relationships with telecommunications providers. For those reasons, I would strongly recommend Kevin Drendel as legal counsel on matters involving municipal and telecommunications law.” – Stu Chapman, Municipal Services Associates

In addition to Kevin Drendel, Carolyn D. Jansons, and Roman J. Seckel have years of experience in the representation of municipalities and local governmental work.

The list of governmental bodies for which the firm has provided legal services includes:

  • Village of North Aurora
  • City of Batavia
  • City of Aurora
  • The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
  • Batavia School District
  • East Aurora School District
  • West Aurora School District
  • Waubonsee Community College
  • Montgomery & Countryside Fire Protection District
  • Wasco Sanitary District
  • Kane County

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