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Dividing Marital Property

Illinois is a no-fault state. That means the grounds of divorce is not a factor that is considered when dividing property. Rather, the law requires an “equitable” distribution based on several factors in the statute. In divorce, the “equitable” distribution is determined by the court based on general guidelines and the specific circumstance surrounding the property and financial assets of you and your spouse. Like snowflakes, each divorce case is different, with different values of property, different levels of debt, and the need to distinguish between marital and nonmarital property.

A Legal Team Experienced In Property Division

With over thirty years of combined family law experience, we have worked with hundreds of clients going through the division of property. We have handled property division in a wide range of divorce cases, including cases with multiple real estate and business interests to cases where the couple owns only their personal possessions. The first step is to determine what property is considered marital and what property is considered nonmarital. We also explore if there is a need for any reimbursements due from one estate to another, and will look at issues of dissipation.

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Each case is unique and involves careful preparation based on the specific facts and property involved with your case. We will examine your precise circumstances to ensure you receive your equitable portion of the marital property. To schedule an appointment to speak with a divorce attorney, call us at 630-523-0543 or fill out our online contact form.