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Kevin Drendel In Leading Lawyer Magazine

We would be remiss not to report that Kevin G. Drendel has been featured in a recent edition of Leading Lawyer Magazine. Kevin began practicing law on the front side of thirty something, taking a circuitous course thought various jobs, living in the Eden of New Hampshire, marriage and children before landing in law school and starting a legal career. While the road to a legal career may have been longer than some, Kevin has put almost 25 years in the rear view mirror today.

He is fond of saying that he would not have set out on the journey had he known the difficulties ahead, uprooting a spouse and two children from the beloved Lakes Region of New Hampshire to settle in the decidedly flat, agricultural edge of the Chicago suburbs. It was  a homecoming for Kevin, but a foreign land for Beth and the two oldest children, who looked forward to a three year stint and hopeful return to the familiar White Mountain skyline of the home they left behind.

That was almost 28 years ago. A severe downturn in the New England economy, a third child entering the world twelve hours after his last final in his first year of law school and children entering grade school by the end of law school suggested putting down tent posts in the Fox Valley. The fact that Kevin’s father, Gilbert X. Drendel, Jr., captained one of the premiere law firms in the Fox Valley helped with the decision, as Kevin found his home away from home at the offices of Drendel, Schanlaber, Horwitz, Tatnall & McCracken.

While Beth and Kevin Drendel may still rue the White Mountains, forested views and ocean beaches nearby, they have become firmly settled in the Fox Valley area where Kevin enjoys continuing the legacy of his father and the firm predecessors. Municipal law, in particular, has been a staple of the practice of both the elder Drendel and younger Drendel. Gilbert (Gib to his friends) began representing the Village of North Aurora in about 1967, and a Drendel has been general counsel of the Village ever since.

Kevin also has added business, estate planning and administration and real estate practices to the mix, while members of the Firm continue to be local leaders in Family Law, following in the footsteps of Gib Drendel. Carolyn Jansons, Mark Brent and Roman Seckel can be seen on almost any given day walking the halls of the family courts, as Gib Drendel did for so many years.

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