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Mark Brent Speaking to Attorneys at National Business Institute Seminar on Divorce


Mark D. Brent will be speaking at a National Business Institute seminar for attorneys and paralegals in Naperville on June 23, 2016. The seminar, titled, Family law from A to Z, is aimed at helping attorneys guide their clients through the emotionally choppy waters of divorce with knowledge, insight and compassion where skill,  sensitivity and knowledge are key. The seminar will also explore updates in the law to help attorneys deal with problem solving issues for clients.

The seminar begins with the legal updates that we have blogging about for over a year. The Illinois legislature revamped the maintenance (alimony) rules effective January 1, 2015, and we began blogging about them well in advance of the date they began to be implemented.

We covered those new spousal maintenance rules many months before they became effective and addressed the impact of those new Illinois spousal maintenance rules right before they became effective. We also have provide ongoing analysis of the new Illinois maintenance law and  blogged about subsequent changes to the new maintenance law that went into effect a year later.

We also blogged extensively the new Illinois marriage and divorce law that went into effect January 1, 2016, and substantially rewrote the entire law on marriage and divorce. We covered the changes to Illinois divorce law on temporary support, changes in divorce law on college expenses, changes to parenting in divorce, procedural changes to parenting in divorce, parenting plans under the new divorce law, and we even provided an early look at the new divorce law after a couple of months of dealing with it on an every day basis.

Mark Brent continues the Firm’s involvement in educating the legal community and the wider community as well. He has written a book for laypeople titled Divorce Proceedings in Illinois: What You Need to Know, and Mark Brent also has published material for attorneys in the area of family law. He has been practicing law for 25 years and focuses his practice in the area of family law, which includes representing people in divorce.