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Roman Seckel Serves as President of the Batavia Chamber

Roman was elected President of the Batavia Chamber of Commerce and is currently serving as President for the 2017-2018 term. The term runs from August 2017 through July of 2018.

The Batavia Chamber of Commerce is an organization made up of businesses and other entities in Batavia and the surrounding areas. The purpose of the Chamber is to create a dynamic culture where business and community enhance one another. This is done through the Chamber’s mission of advocating for the building of relationships among members and educating the members about the benefits of the Batavia community.

Drendel and Jansons Law Group has been a part of the Batavia Chamber since the 1990s. In fact, Roman Seckel took Kevin Drendel’s seat on the Board in August of 2015 as his term on the Board was ending.

Before Roman became President, he served on the Board of Directors. As a member, he provided input into various Chamber activities, events, programming and the general operation of the Chamber. He also served on the Engagement Committee which focuses on improving members’ experiences with the Chamber. Roman has served on roundtable discussions as well regarding the Batavia Park District.

When asked what his goals are for the Chamber as president, Roman said:

My main goal is to maintain the positive energy the Chamber has established over the last several years, as reflected in the growth of membership and increased attendance at Chamber events. This is directly traced back to Holly Deitchman, the Chamber President and CEO, her staff at the Chamber and Chamber Board. They all are responsible for the exponential growth the Chamber has seen in recent years and the increased engagement of the members.

Currently, the Chamber is looking to continue to grow its membership, enhance the value of the membership to its members and constantly maintain its important role in the community. This is being done through various means, including revising and changing programming, adding additional events and programming, listening to the needs of the members and plan for the future of the Chamber and larger Batavia community.

When asked what his favorite aspect of being part of the Chamber is, Roman said:

The aspect about the Chamber I enjoy the most is the cooperation of the members.  Being on the Board, you clearly see it is a team effort, with everyone wanting to lend a hand.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and each member is willing to use their own strength for the betterment of the Board.  While there has been some recent turnover in the Board, the new members are willing to jump in feet first and have a sincere desire to see the Chamber continue on its positive growth.

Roman Seckel is proud to be a part of the Batavia Chamber of Commerce and enthusiastic about leading them through this next year. Our firm is thrilled to support Roman through his journey as President and very lucky to be able to share his leadership skills not only in our office but in the community as well.