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Roman Seckel Ends Year as Chair of the Batavia Chamber Board

Roman Seckel just ended his year as the Chair of the Batavia Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Roman served as director on the Chamber of Commerce Board before he began his stint as Chairman in August of 2017. Roman was in the enviable position of taking the helm of a very vibrant and growing Chamber of Commerce. His year as Chair of the Board was marked by continued growth, ending with about 450 members as of the fiscal year end, July 2018, and the growth is projected to continue to about 500 year the calendar year end at the rate it is going.

In addition to the steady growth in membership, the Chamber made some positive changes during Roman’s tenure as the Chair. The Chamber added a morning networking event every month, expanded to two (2) referral groups, now recognizes long-term members at the annual Harvest Celebration in addition to the Donna Dalasasse Award that has been traditionally given out at that time.

Networking for a Cause has continued to raise significant amounts of money for local non-profits, and we shouldn’t forget the great success of the Batavia-Opoly games, among all the other ongoing events and benefits the Chamber provides for its members and the business community.

Roman is quick to mention that the Chamber could not accomplish all that it has accomplished without the dedicated and talented staff, including Holly Deitchman, Margaret Perrault and Catherine Fitch, and the leadership of the Executive Board, that includes Nick Ninedorf, Jessica McGrail and Jeff Vekony. Roman also credits departing Board members and past Chairs, Brian Basilico and Harriet Parker, and he rest of the Board, with the leadership and foresight that makes the Batavia Chamber of commerce such a significant contributor to the health of the business community in Batavia and the large community as a whole.

Jessica McGrail takes over the Chair position for the 2018-19 year. Roman Seckel will continue for another three year term running from August 2018 to July 2021.