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Roman J. Seckel in the Spotlight

Roman Seckel does not seek attention or draw attention to himself. He quietly, confidently and competently goes about the business of being an advocate for others, which is what attorneys do. The ability to listen well to clients, understand their issues and effectively represent and protect those interests are the hallmarks of a good attorney. Roman does those things better than most, and that is why we find Roman J. Seckel in the spotlight. While he may not seek the spotlight, his actions and success have shone the spotlight on him, and that success has drawn both local and statewide attention.

Roman was recently recognized by the Kane County Chronicle as one of the best young professionals in the area under 40. The reasons are clear. Roman stands out, even among attorneys of any age, as being different. “Compassionate” and “good listener” are not adjectives usually associated with “lawyer”, but Roman is both of those things which he exhibits with a quiet strength, confidence and professionalism that makes him a good counselor for his clients as well as an effective advocate for his clients’ interests.  People notice when things are done right and done well.

Roman’s local recognition comes on the heels of statewide recognition from the legal profession, itself. The National Academy of Family Law Attorneys recently honored Roman as one of the Top 10 Under 40 among family law attorneys in the State of Illinois, earning Roman the distinction of being called an “Emerging Lawyer”. According to the NAFLA, the organization is “devoted to recognizing the top family law attorneys in the nation” incorporating “a stringent selection process” seeking to identify those who have “demonstrated an extraordinary amount of knowledge, skill, experience, expertise and success in their practice of family law.” Attorneys must be nominated by another attorney. To be considered, they must meet minimum standards.

Then the pool of attorneys who have been nominated are compared on the basis of client reviews, peer reviews, total length of time practicing family law, case outcomes, trial experience and outcomes, published books or scholarly articles, education, formal family law training, family law teaching experience and legal awards. The attorneys who are ultimately chosen for recognition are the attorneys who stand out among their peers.

According to the NAFLA, “With thousands of attorneys in each state, the NAFLA’s rigorous, independent selection process resolves the challenge of attorneys claiming to be “the best” without basis for such claims. For those needing a quality representation, finding a well-qualified family law attorney is imperative, and the NAFLA’s process leaves little doubt as to whom the preeminent family law attorneys are.”

Needless to say, we are extremely proud of Roman’s success and contribution to the Drendel & Janson’s Law Group and the legal profession generally. A few a attorneys give the legal profession a bad name that is largely undeserved. Roman is on the other end of the spectrum, exhibiting the best qualities of the profession on a consistent and ongoing basis.