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Lawrence W. Lobb Sworn in As the Kane County Bar Association President


Lawrence W. Lobb was sworn in as the Kane County Bar Association President last night at the Annual KCBA dinner meeting. Larry takes over the helm of the State’s bar association, begun in 1858, today and will serve as the President until next year’s Annual Meeting. The KCBA is a leader and an innovator among the bar association in the State, being the first Bar Association to provide free continuing legal education (CLE) for all of its members and conducting one of the finest and most comprehensive CLE programs in the State.

Larry is a graduate, cum laude, from Wayne State University, from the University of Toledo Law School with a law degree and from the New York Institute of Technology with an MBA. Larry also intended for separate federal district court judges.


Larry began his legal career working the real estate acquisition department of GM, but he saw the writing on the wall before the market crashed, and ventured out on his own into the private practice of law. He also immediately rolled up his sleeves and got involved in the KCBA, serving on many committees, before running for Secretary/Treasurer and beginning the officer track. For his efforts and good work, Larry was given the Outstanding New Lawyer Award in 2011, and he continues to excel.

We are fortunate that Larry accepted our offer to join us at the Drendel and Jansons Law Group in April of 2012. He has been a valuable member of the firm since that time, taking on bankruptcy, foreclosure and other cases and doing real estate and estate planning. Larry also becomes the Firm’s 5th President of the KCBA (following Gilbert X. Drendel, Jr., Thomas McCracken, Susan B. Tatnall and Kevin G. Drendel).


Carolyn D. Jansons, who had the privilege of introducing Larry as the next KCBA President, succeeds to the First Vice President position and will become the next KCBA President in 2017.


The night was all the more special as Gilbert X. Drendel, Jr. (Gib) was honored for 55 years in the law and Kevin G. Drendel and Mark D. Brent were honored for 25 years in the law on the same night. Gib and Kevin are one of only two father/son combinations to lead the KCBA as President. Gib also spoke about what the bar association was like in 1976 when it had no staff and was run out of the President’s law office.

It was a great night for the Firm, with all the attorneys present, most of our spouses or significant others, many of our staff and some extended family (even a couple of next potential generation attorneys – Morgan Lobb and Julia Drendel).


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The work soon begins, however. Larry Lobb and Carolyn Jansons take their roles as the pilot and co-pilot of the bar association while maintaining a very busy and burgeoning law practice. Joining them in leadership in the Bar Association are Roman J. Seckel, the Chairman of the Ethics Committee and Edward J. Boula, III, Chairman of the Local Government Committee. Larry also becomes a de facto member of the Kane County Bar Association by virtue of his role President of the KCBA where Roman will join him as the general counsel for Bar Foundation this year as well.

In all, it was a truly special night for the Drendel & Jansons Law Group and one that will long be remembered.